GPTCASHCOW uses "Bait & Switch" tactics in their Contests!

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GPTCASHCOW uses "Bait & Switch" tactics in their Daily Contests and Promos!

Hello fellow work at home parents,

In Both July and August, ran a member contest called the "Daily Click Promo", where for every "100" advertisements clicked in the Daily Click section, the member would receive an extra $0.50 cents added to their account.

The rules where simply, click on the link on the site, and surf the page for a minute or two, reading the ads, getting stock quotes or printing recipes.

On August 24th, with no warning, email or inbox message, the admin of the site changed the rules of the contest (Yes, right in the middle of the contest).

The new rule was that the member now needed to click "200" ads instead of the original "100" ads to get the 50 cents added to their account.

In mid August, I was getting really close to getting a $0.50 cent bonus. Now there is no way that I will receive my bonus by the end of the month.

This was a classic "Bait & Switch" scheme that GPTCASHCOW is now famous for.

Also, they are always late on paying their members. As other on here have mentioned, it is always some lame excuse like I do not have an internet connect, etc. What type of business goes days without internet? No dial up as a back up option? No internet cafe they can use while they fix whatever problem they have at their office?

If I knew that this company was like this, I would have never joined. There are so many reputable "work at home" GPT web sites out there.


Just another Work at Home Mom (that is tired of all the rip-off companies like

Review about: Get Paid To Contests.




But the owner continues to scam member. Blaims fraud but tells people to join her new site.:(

Here's the proof, an email from the owner. Judge for yourself. :cry


Wednesday, December 29, 2010 10:08 AM

Greetings to all,

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Christmas. I would like to take time to let everyone know what is going on and what will be happening.

Due to some fraud not only of members but a few affiliate networks, payments have been delayed.

This is not news to anyone.

However as a business decision we will be closing GptCashCow temporarily until all payments are paid in full. While we are down we will be working on some improvements for the site as well as

the forum. There is no reason to remain open and get further behind.

This is only TEMPORARY!

All upgrades will not be effected and all purchased ads will be there when we reopen. Referrals will not be effected and will remain on all accounts. Please make sure your email is up to date so you can receive all communications concerning updates, reopening, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact me at

Effective Jan 1st the site will go offline and will remain offline until all improvements and payments are made.

This giving everyone time to make their current cashouts. If you do not cashout your money will still be there when we reopen!

I encourage all members to join RebateGold. Payments are weekly and many offers are being added!

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Year! May all your resolutions happen!

Thank you,


Owner &


I am surprised that this site has not closed down. :?

GPTCashCow has been claimed a fraud by so many websites including :(

I agree, stay far away from this scammer. :eek

#215729 is not the only GPT site that cheats members on the contests. also got busted for frauding members.

Both these GPT sites need to be taken off the web, because they state big contests, then change the rules or simply cheat to not have to pay the members.

:(SCAMMERS that need to be shut down.:(


This website is always late paying members. They used to accept all countries, but dropped several countries :(

IF you like being paid late, join this site. Otherwise, there are so many more legit GPT sites to earn money at!

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